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       Please read these Terms of Use (“Terms”) carefully. The following terms create a legally binding agreement between you (“user”) and Mirena Zdravcheva Photography (defined below), regarding your use of Products (defined below), obtained by purchase through this website ( or any related domaines and subdomains. In these Terms, use of the words “you” and “your” refer to each individual user, who may interact with this website, while “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Mirena Zdravcheva Photography doing business as a photographer.

       All photos that are subject to the photo session, including those you receive, are copyrighted to Mirena Zdravcheva Photography and are for personal use only. You can show them to family and friends, you can share them on the social network, you can use them for family calendars, print them on paper, but they can’t be used for commercial purposes, advertising activity, or any other Activities without my explicit consent.

1. In case that photographs, illustrations, videos or other images involving or representing the Model are made by the Photographer or on his behalf in any kind of media (“Images”), all rights, property and interests in and in respect to the Images and all the related materials (including copyrights and other intellectual and other property rights) throughout the world will be in possession of the Photographer or, according to what he designates.

2. The Photographer has the inalienable right (which may be licenced, transferred, granted or reassigned to other parties, at the Photographer’s discretion) to use, publish, reproduce, create derivative works from, distribute, present or publicly display, by means of digital or other media, currently known or in the future, such Images in any form, including without limitation to use as part of a composition or of a distorted character or form, without restriction in terms of text, alterations or modifications, with the actual or fictitious Model’s name, for illustrative, promotional, artistic, editorial, advertising, commercial, publishing or any other kind of business purpose. In addition, the Model consents to the use of any kind of description, text, audio, sound, action, program, effect or anything else that may be used in connection with the Images and allowed uses, and invariably waives any rights that may possibly have, to inspect or approve any of the products or uses provided for in this Authorization. Considering the consent and waiver of the Model, the Photographer will make every reasonable commercial effort to ensure that the Images are not used for any pornographic, obscene, disgraceful or abusive purpose.

3. The Model hereby exempts the Photographer and each of the Authorized Parties, as well as any other party acting under the right, authority, designation, permission or licence from the Photographer or the Authorized Parties, from any obligations, costs or expenses arising from: (i ) whitewash, modifications, alterations, optical illusions, or other processing which may intentionally or otherwise occur in the creation of the Images or in the subsequent use, processing or publication of same; and (ii) any claims or actions currently known or in the future, arising out of, or related to, the use of the Images referred to in this Authorization, which include, without any limitation, defamation, libel, invasion of privacy or infringement the right of publicity or any other property rights.

4. The individual or individuals, who sign this current Authorization shall state and agree that: (i) if the Model signs this Authorization, he / she is an adult and has the right and capability to enter into contracts on his / her behalf under the jurisdiction of domicile; (ii) if the present is being signed by a parent or a guardian of the Model, then the signatory have absolute rights to sign this Authorization on behalf of the Model under the jurisdiction of the venue for the Authorization; (iii) if he/she is an employee of a company or other entity, the individual or individuals, signing this Authorization, are entitled to bind the Company or the other entity concerned; (iv) the individual or individuals, signing this Authorization have carefully read the text, before signing it and are are fully aware of its contents and consequences; and (v) this Authorization is binding, without limitation in time and otherwise, for the Model and his / her heirs executives of a will, legal representatives, alternates and successors depending on the case.

       By purchasing any Product, you agree to be bound by these Terms without other terms or declarations. At any time when you disagree with these terms or find them in any way unacceptable, you may immediately discontinue the use of the products of Mirena Zdravcheva Photogpraphy.

       Before we start the photo shoot, I will provide you to sign a document with which, the rights for the shots will be settled. Through it, you irrevocably acknowledge and accept in favour of the Photographer or the defined below artist (the „Photographer“), his heirs, executives of a will, legal representatives, licensees, alternates and successors, those on behalf of whom the Photographer acts, and those, who represent him and are authorized to act on his behalf (together with the „Authorized sides“) the rights upon the footage made.

       You agree not to use in any way unlawfully or otherwise violate the intellectual property of Mirena Zdravcheva Photogpraphy and you understand that it is your responsibility to ensure that you refrain from doing so. Mirena Zdravcheva Photogpraphy will take all legal action necessary to protect its intellectual property, in case of such violation and asks carefully to manage the use of the products and any other materials or services to ensure that these Terms are complied with.

       Mirena Zdravcheva Photogpraphy will provide you with only ready-made (processed) footage. We do not provide, display or send by e-mail or other media, any raw footage under no circumstances. All raw footage remains available for use only by the team of Mirena Zdravcheva Photogpraphy. Agreeing to these Terms of Use, you agree not to be granted access to the raw material and make it clear that you are familiar with these terms and agree with them.

       Mirena Zdravcheva Photogpraphy will store the made footage (in raw and processed version) for a period of 24 months. After the expiration of the deadline, the footage will be destroyed. If by the expiration of this period you need to receive a new copy (on paper or in electronic format) of the processed footage, we will provide them to you according to the terms of the contract between us. After the expiration of this period, all images will be destroyed and Mirena Zdravcheva Photogpraphy is not responsible for the destruction of information, given the agreed terms in the contract.

       By using the website and entering personal information, you give permission to Mirena Zdravcheva Photogpraphy to contact you via email, telephone and other means, for which you include contact information to provide you with information about special offers, new products and services or changes in privacy policy terms. If you prefer not to contact via email, please inform Migraine Zdravcheva Photogpraphy by sending us an email to and we will kindly refrain from doing so.

       Mirena Zdravcheva Photogpraphy will collect information, which you voluntarily provide via email or other direct contact initiated by you. Mirena Zdravcheva Photogpraphy will not sell or otherwise distribute this information to any other natural or legal person, with the exception of its duly authorized agents, executives or other third parties, who are involved throughout the business operations. Mirena Zdravcheva Photogpraphy is the only manager of this information, collected on the website. Mirena Zdravcheva Photogpraphy will use this information to reach you if needed. By this agreement you grant Mirena Zdravcheva Photogpraphy to worldwide without a license, non-exclusive license to use, distribute, reproduce, modify, publish and translate this personal information only if necessary, in order to fulfill your request / requests, or allow the use of a particular product or service. such as product delivery.

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