After you book a shoot:

Wardrobe and styling

We will meet for a live consultation, in order to plan your desired photoshoot. Then we will discuss your wishes and expectations aiming to make the best experience possible. Based on your tastes, preferences and advices of our professionals, you will receive the best styling for the upcoming photoshoot. 

In order to make your experience unforgettable and create the perfect shots, we will take into account some important things – makeup, hairstyle and dressing. Our aim is to reveal your true woman identity, also to help you rediscover yourself by seeing your own beauty.


We will give your the opportunity to get yourself changed via clothes from our wardrobe. In order to complete the perfect look, we will add some makeup and hairstyle, entirely made according to your preferences and advices of our professionals. They will make sure you look stunning, feel amazing and get the best portraits possible, which you will fall in love with. All this will be accompanied by glass of wonderful wine and a small catering for a complete delight.

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